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February 2016 May 2016 News & Reviews CTB: A “Scrummy” (Brit slang for  “scrumptious and “yummy”) British Bakery!

February 23, 2015  |  By Clock Tower Bakery  |  Afternoon Tea, Events, Pastries

If you haven’t had a good scone, shortbread, profiterole or tart lately then you haven’t been to Clock Tower Bakery in old Overland Park. Maybe you’ve never had any of those pastries. Then you are in for a treat.

A little history…

Clock Tower Bakery (CTB) has been in the bakery business for quite a long time. Teresa Gebbett, owner and head baker, has been baking for over 25 years, learning the fine art of pastry baking in the south of England.

 “This is how I started: people would speak to me about a vision, and I would create it, a novelty, wedding or anniversary cake, and I realized that I had a talent to make their idea ‘come to life’ for them, through love and dedication.”

CTB’s mission is to provide their customers with “consistent high-quality, freshly baked U.S. and British favourites, an excellent customer experience” with “continued variety at competitive prices in an exceptionally clean environment.”

Now on to the good stuff…

When you walk in the bakery, you feel as though you’ve walked through a portal and into a bakery on Abbey Road in London. The shop has a quaint feel with a seating area including comfy chairs and Union Jack flag tables as well as a panoramic view of London Tower and British phone booth wall art.

The pastry is front and center as you enter, beautifully displayed to oogle over. The display cases are full of various kinds of croissant, tarts, scones, cupcakes, rolls and breads like pumpkin loaf and challah, muffins and cinnamon rolls, one of their best sellers.

And then there are the millionaire shortbreads, consisting of their scrumptious shortbread as the base, layered with caramel (with a secret ingredient imported from England) and chocolate on top. The name alone should tell you the experience you will have when you eat one. I can’t tell you why they are so good and that’s the beauty of it – in it’s entirety, it is perfection.

I’ve not even mentioned the Colors French Macarons – there’s a whole case just for those – and the savoury side to the bakery.

“ . . . Teresa’s pastry genius is that she insists on baking in phases throughout the day so that the product is always fresh.”

You’ve most likely never had a Cornish Pasty but you’ll want one every time you go in as well as their traditional British Sausage Rolls.

These two are just comfort food in a pocket!

You might want to check out the pizzas at CTB, especially the breakfast pizzas. Unless you go to some gas station, you won’t usually find a breakfast pizza and this is far from that! How about a ham, egg and cheese with the best pizza crust you’ll ever taste?

And don’t get me started on the Cottage Pie – if you like pot pies, you’ll love these but crank up the quality about 10 notches.

These pies are like a Shepherd’s Piesausage-roll-clock-tower-bakery with a hearty base of carrot, onion, beef and gravy imported from England, lovingly topped with a cloud of whipped potatoes and then crowned with a sharp cheddar. Perfection in an oval ramekin.

Teresa also creates customized wedding and specialty cakes. There really isn’t anything she can’t do. What sets her creations apart are that all the components of these cakes are actually edible, which many pastry chefs don’t include. It’s safe to say, she puts a lot of love into what she does.

One of the great things about CTB is that Teresa and the staff want you to not only experience great pastries and food but to have an experience like that of a quality British tea room. Afternoon Tea is a daily event at the Bakery. Call ahead and they’ll set out their finest linen, china and silver all as a backdrop to a sampling of their delicious pastries and teas. You might  

even want to celebrate the Queen’s birthday on April 18th with Afternoon Tea (but call now – spaces are going fast).

An important aspect of Teresa’s pastry genius is that she insists on baking in phases throughout the day so that the product is always fresh. She will also pastry-tree-clock-tower-bakery-linderhofbake while you wait! If you forgot to bake a dozen cupcakes for your child’s classroom or you have a corporate gig for which you need a dozen cookies, you can call or go by and in minutes you’ll have what you need!

So, if I haven’t convinced you yet, I’m not sure what will. Clock Tower Bakery is worth the time and effort to visit but don’t eat before you go. It’s, as they say across the pond, “Brilliant!” You’ll want to sample as much as you can while you’re there. Oh, and don’t forget to take a little more with you for later. Those Millionaire Shortbreads are great with tea around 8 p.m.

Bon appetit!

BRose – patron